‘Ummi’ Wanna Be

‘Ummi’ Wanna Be

Month 1: I didn’t even know that I was pregnant.

Month 2: 6w6d. six weeks and six days. Yes, he/she is. That’s his/her age when I saw in the first time trough an ultrasonography tool. Dr. Ayu in Sakina Idaman helped me in this first checking.

I realized, my tummy was not an ordinary tummy anymore. I felt so.. so.. wow! Am I gonna be a mom? The ‘HPL’ was June, 23. But, the baby was not alone. Qadarullah, there is a cyst, little cyst, over there. Hmm.. But, Alhamdulillah.. I didn’t get morning sickness or something like that at all. So, I went to campus as usual. It’s my third semester (actually, it was my seventh semester). 😛

Month 3: 11w1d. 11 weeks and 1 day. It was the second time I saw her/him. Dr. Ayu was still be my midwife in Sakina Idaman. There was still a cyst beside my baby. My friends at campus start to know about my pregnancy because I talked about it to them, hehe 😀

Month 4: 16w6d. It was the third time I saw her/him. At that time, Dr. Ayu was not in Jogja, so Dr. Fona replaced her to check my pregnancy. The cyst was still there. But it’s okay she said, it was about 4 x 4 cm and didn’t get  bigger since the last time they checked. I started to got Vitamam 1, vitamin for mom.This month, December, my family, my hubby, and I went to Kediri, my grandpa’s house. I met almost all of my aunt and uncle, her/his children too. I’m soooo happy, after 2 years I hadn’t met them. My Grandma shared a lot about her pregnancy, her labor, etc. She gave me advice to take a lot of walking in the morning  when my pregnancy reached seventh month. Ah, I miss my grandma 🙂

Month 5: Dr Amy, or Dr Edi Patmini in her full name, was the one checked for my pregnancy from now on. I was impressed. The cyst had been disappeared. Alhamdulillaah. She said that maybe it was hidden behind the baby or yaaaa she didn’t know for sure. 🙂 I got Vitamam 2 this time. This month I had final exam of the third semester at campus. For two weeks, I studied hard, wuuzz.. (nggaya). When I got tired, and started to lay my body in bed while reading something, my hubby would come to me and motivate me not to be lazy, ahaha. It happened many times.

Month 6:  The cyst was still hidden or I hoped it was vanished. I got Vitamam 2. My tummy was getting bigger and it was easy for me to get tired, so we moved to a place that closer to campus and the RSIA. Yeah, it was now only my hubby and I lived in this house. This was a new life. I installed ‘babycentre Pregnancy’ app in my hubby’s phone. Why? My phone had insufficient storage available for that quite big app. Haha. with this app, I could track how my baby grows day to day, I got a lot of advice related to my pregnancy, health, body, food, and baby.

Month 7: The cyst was still hidden or I hoped it was vanished. I started to got Vitamam 3. As a wife, a student, a mom wanna be, I had a lot of thing to do in the morning. Let me state it. Praying subuh, taking a walk with my hubby, drinking milk, washing the dishes, cooking for breakfast and lunch, taking a bath, and getting ready to go to campus at 7.30. Actually, it was late, haha, because the class started at 7.15. But, it’s okay :P. But, off course, my kind and lovely hubby always, always, and always  helped me doing everything. He also often replaced my work when I said I was tired. Alhamdulillah, he is so so so so so kind and helpful. When I had mid-term exam for my forth semester, he even didn’t allow me to cook. Ya, he cooked the meal for us while I was studying. 😀

Month 8: I started to come to RSIA every two weeks. It was easy to me for getting tired. All of my class in a week located in third floor at campus. Aaaaak.. Off course, I stepped in the stairs slowly. hahah.. but it’s okay. Hmm.. in this month, my baby’s weight was too low, 1,8 kg. it almost touched the lower limit, so I had to consume a lot of sugar. Also, suddenly Dr. Amy said that my placenta had calcification. Grade 3. Wow.. She also said something about hisprung. It made me so surprised. I then browsed a lot about them and realized that it was possible  for me to have induction in labor. No..! I hoped, everything would be okay. Aamiin.. In next checkup, Dr Amy said that my baby weight was okay now,2,4 kg, it got back to the green line. 🙂 The calcification was okay too, not dangerous. And the hisprung? Wew, it’s not hisprung actually. 😛

Month 9: This month, my hubby and I went to a baby shop to buy some clothes and everything she/he need. I started to have pregnancy exercise, Twice, Thursday and Monday in Sakina. Next Thursday, on June, 5, something unforgettable happened..

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