Blogspot Templates? apa sih?!!

“Wow! Green!! Black!”

“Pink! Red! White!”

“What the colorful templates!”

“But, I like “Red Anime” template!”

And when you move your eyes to the sidebar, you will get:

“Wow! A lot of tags! Just choose them and feel it!”

Well, what are we talking about?! Did you know?! Ok, I will give you a clue. This website provides so many blogger templates for blogspot blog!

Yes, the last words are the motto of this cool site: BlogspotTemplate.Com How cool this site? Just keep your eyes looking this:

You can find six templates view in each page. You can look detail by clicking “DEMO”. Or you want to download it, just click “DOWNLOAD”. If you want to find the themes which are related with your special keyword, just use search box in the top right corner!

Well, do you know the function of TAGS? Aye, you can explore the tags, too. Do you love our Earth so much? Choose “Green”. Are you a brave man and like darkness? Choose “Dark” or “Black”. Do you like sun, something clean and bright, or sunbathing? Choose “Light” or “White”. Do you want to be a professional man? Choose “Professional”! Dou you like ANIME or all about Japanese? Choose “Anime”. Do you love sport so much? So complete!

You also can give comments there. Do you want to subscribe in a reader? With feedburner, you can do.

Well, “Tiada Gading yang Tak Retak” Everyone needs some advices. So, they can be more marvelous, haha! I think BlogspotTemplate.Com needs an artistic touch. The title should be made with artistic font! The most important thing, the theme of the website should be more beautiful than the templates provided there, may be the header, the footer, or the sidebar. They have to be attractive!

Second, we are created by our God, Allah. We cannot live without Allah. So, why doesn’t BlogspotTemplate.Com provide “Religion” tag?! So, we can remember Him whenever we access the internet.

Ou, yap… why doesn’t BlogspotTemplate.Com provide WRITTEN tutorial in its site?  So, we can use it directly. I have seen that provides shout box, or or, etc. They provides written tutorial in their site.

Okay, don’t forget to add and add your templates and be more fascinating site, good luck BlogspotTemplate.Com!!

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